Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blogger course thingy

Hi all! I am still here typing with one hand, but looking into that blogger course thing. So far I feel a little scammed. Don't link it up to you!!

As I look at the website now it seems to be all positive thoughts and things of that nature. The fact that you have to link it before you get to look at it screamed fishy from the start but I figured there was no real harm in looking. Now that I have an account its all about thinking positive thoughts and improving your mental health to make more money....they haven't asked for anything yet but do I really need this check list where I rate my energy level? How does this improve my blog....other than being able to write that I was tricked....

So, sorry I linked it and I hope that you didn't follow me into it.

The moral here....Don't make blogging choices on pain killers.