Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Adventure

Well, I would like to say that the adventurous part of my day began when the camp bus arrived at 4:30pm. But in truth the wheels for this adventure probably began when I took the Little Man for a doctor's visit this morning.

Little man has a lump in his neck, just this odd bump thing that bugged me, so I had it checked. The doc informs us that its an infection of the lymph nodes. So off we were to the pharmacy for a ten day dose of augmentin, apparently this needs to be watched because there is a small chance that it could turn into mono. "But don't worry mom, send him to camp anyway." Ok, give him his first dose, drop him off at camp, talk to the director "The boy are adjusting great, Dino Boy is doing well..making friends, he is so funny and is just getting along well with the new counselor" She is singing my sons' praises. I am happy . . Go to work.... All is well....

4:30. Kids get off the bus. Dino Boy opens the conversation with "Mom, don't send me to jail" uh oh. "Don't worry kid, just tell me what happened" So basically his version goes something like this. He lost his underwear at camp. Who knows. It happens, they change into bathing suits twice a day. I wasn't worried about it. But then he said that someone saw him without his pants on. Ok, still not worried. Its camp, he lost his issue. Then he said that I shouldn't answer the phone if the principal called....hmmmm...

4:45 Not 5 minutes later the phone rang. It was the camp director. Enter the sound of the teacher talking in Charlie Brown. This woman (who wasn't there at the time) says that Dino Boy asked someone or some people or something (she was not specific) if they"Would like to see his_______" I can only assume that she meant penis but she never said the word. That alone bothers me, if you are calling to complain about my kid, at least say what he did, really.

But anyway he didn't show anyone anything but he asked the question, without underwear on. He had pants on, but well, lets forget reason here. So anyway she was pretty vague here but she has to file some sort of report and then if any parents call action might be taken, what kind of action I asked. "uummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, well, ummm, not sure here, but I needed to let you know" so I respond, very apologetically "Now I know that there are no excuses for inappropriate behavior and Dino Boy will be talked to and lose computer and all that, but, well, you know that Asperger's is a SOCIAL DISORDER. He doesn't get the whole inappropriate context, we will explain it all but he really meant no harm."

But here she does a 180 and suddenly, my son, who was wonderful, and progressing and smart and funny this morning is suddenly, again, "Too much for the camp to handle, never happened before...blah, blah, blah, blah." And in my head I am thinking don't give me that load of crap. I worked camp for YEARS I taught for YEARS this stuff happens all the time. You explain to parents, apologize, talk to kids. It happens, get over your perfect camp where no one has ever said something wrong.

Ok, so conversation over. Talking to Dino boy, calling ex husband, basically busy with explaining and deciding what to do next and all that stuff when....
Augmentin enters the picture. Little man has had side effect number 1 and pooped his pants. He is upset, I am still on the phone with ex husband, trying to wash and clean Little man. I put the soiled underwear in the toilet to sit for a second. Little man is naked and poop is everywhere and he has to PEE. RIGHT NOW. I tell him to pee in the potty, on the undies and I will figure it out later. I still have the phone in one hand. Ex Husband wants to talk to Dino Boy. I leave the bathroom to hand a crying, upset Dino Boy the phone...and then I hear it.


The underwear has just been sent down the toilet. I guess all those months of reminding him to flush have just kicked in.

Little man is crying. They were apparently his FAVORITE pair of underwear (I had no clue someone could love a pair of green boxers so much)

So crying Little man, crying Dino Boy, laughing ex husband.

and it was only 5:45

The plumber will be coming in the morning, the pizza will be here any minute. I am so happy that we have 2 toilets.

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