Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Notes to share

Just a some thoughts.

  1. When you call Disney's Toontown online to cancel your 4 years old's subscription be prepared to stay on hold for 15 minutes (that will feel like an hour) listening to the Home on the Range soundtrack, complete with a little child's voice introducing each song as the best song EVVVER
  2. When you tell your kid that he can take a few things out of the basement and play with them he will take you up on your generosity.
The adventure will start out like this (godzilla and godzilla's family attacking the city)

And end up like this

If the city has been saved why does the living room look devastated?


Aaron said...

I often wonder about that when watching shows like power rangers, here you have a giant robot/robot’s fighting in a city once the rangers win the bad guy explodes into a million pieces and afterwards you never hear how the road crew and insurance companies complain about the clean up and pay outs. I would think after a while people would just want the monsters to win so the fighting and destruction would just be over. Isn’t it obvious the Power Rangers don’t have a exit strategy either.

The Chick said...

Yeserooni Positooni!

Actually, to answer your question, I purposely try NOT to blog when I am feeling really sad or mad. It's just not what I want my blog to be. But don't get me wrong....I'll pop off one of those ranting posts every now and then! I think it's good for us and our readers....keeps the conversation going and spreads keep it up!