Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A thought about the Kindle

I got a comment asking about the Kindle, and I started writing a long response long it turned into a post. The boys and I had a marvelous time at the Dino event. It was a bit short for the amount of money spent but just the right time for my boys and those Dinos were amazing! Pictures and more to come but for now I am back to packing, leaving in 5 is my Kindle response.

I love my Kindle, It really is like reading a book. E Paper is an amazing thing. I work on the computer all day so I was hesitant about looking at a another screen, but after a few pages and an adjustment of the typeface (which is super easy) I have never looked back. I think I actually read faster on the Kindle becuase I can adjust the type and not have to contort myself or my wrist every time I change position. I also avoid that awkward thing where one part of the book is much thicker than the other and your wrist starts to hurt. (but maybe I am a wimp)

It did take me a minute or two to get the turning the page at the right time concept. I never realized that with a paper book I turned the page while reading the last few words. So with the Kindle I would click over and realize that I had skipped something. I guess I mastered it now, I just had to think for the first few chapters.

Its an amazing thing, I have spent more on books in the last few weeks, just becuase getting them and reading them was so instant- no waiting. The book I was in the mood for, just when I wanted it. Like tonight, on the train, I downloaded a kids book...and suddenly I have two very well behaved boys on my hands. The book is called How to Get a Gorilla Out of Your Bathtub and it written by John Hall. This was the first picture or children's book that I have downloaded and all in all its not bad. The pictures looked great and the story was good. My only caveat is that the pictures and the words that go with them don't always line up or go on the same page. I guess becuase of the font setting they really just can't match it up. But I would hope that they could put some sort of linker or tab function, maybe I am just picky.

Oh and the battery. If you keep your "whispernet" off unless you want to look in the store your battery will last a whole novel. once you turn the "whispernet" on you start to lose power a bit quicker, but still I have never seen my battery go to less than half power and I charge the thing maybe, once a week.

All in all, I am really glad I have one. It will save me a TON of wall space.

Ok, packing, yeah...Have a good weekend.

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