Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Naming the boys

The next major question for my entry into the blog world...What do I call the boys?

Coming up with their names the first time was hard enough, now I need a pseudonym? Oh geez. Well you may have noticed at Autism Sucks Rocks I referred to them as BB (Big Brother) and LB (Little Brother) but that so does not do them justice. So Thing 1 and Thing 2? CRAP Terrible Mother over at offspring claimed that one.

So what? How about... Dino Boy? The big kid LOVES Dinosaurs...you know how a lot of Asperger's kids have an obsession? Dinosaurs have been his love since near birth. Since he was little he could set them up in the most detailed ways, meat eaters with meat eaters battling in size order. He can speak with confidence (whether you are listening or not) about every kind of dinosaur, what they ate, where they lived and what caused them to die out. The discovery channel movie Walking with Dinosaurs- we have owned 3 copies, they just kept getting worn out. Oh yeah and this picture? I didn't even get the whole set up and it was taken when he was 5.

And for the little man...I am racking my brain on this one. He loves so many things and asks so many questions. He is precocious, loves to play with Knights and "fighting games". He LOVES animals and will pet anything I let him. We have two cats but that isn't enough for this little man, he wants another dog (he already has one at daddy's house) birds, a lizard and a snake. The little man...wait, I just did it didn't I? I said it 3 times in the same paragraph...Little Man.

So, here it is, Dino Boy and Little Man. Two names with character that, while based on personality, aren't really going anywhere. The big kid will probably always have a love Dinos and beasts and prehistoric time and the Little one will always be my Little man.

So for next post...how did I get here? If you are reading this (and really, thanks for bearing with me if you are) you probably want to know some history, back story or other interesting tid bit. I will see if I can get to that journey soon.

Oh and special thanks to computer programmer boyfriend for the neat embedding thing....I will need your help lots love.


*Becky* said...

My J thinks he IS a dino half the time! HAHAHAHHA

Genevieve Hinson said...

LOL love the names. I use different names on my blog for my boys too.

Their regular names, just different.