Monday, July 7, 2008

Major issue

Would you like to know my major issues right now? I want to work on this blog while I am at work. I can think of nothing else except how to frame the story I want to tell, make it funny, readable ect. I even want to make an outline. I haven't made an outline since College!!

Is this what a blog is going to do to me? Make me less productive at work?

wait, wait....

I was already unproductive. At least now instead of buying stuff that I don't want or need I will have something to show for my laziness..


TLC said...

I keep a little black book-bound notebook where I write ideas for posts as they strike. I have been known to get up out of bed at night (or just not sleep!) to write out a good idea. Some would call it addiction. I call it passion.

And, now, I just devirginized your comments. Welcome to the Blogoshere!


trish @ Another piece of the puzzle said...

Yes, everything that happens to you or around you will now become possible blog fodder!

Welcome to the club!

Eile said...

T, Thanks for the notebook idea. I have 4 ideas for posts already. Getting them written is the next challenge :)

Trish, Blog fodder I have got. I keep trying to remember the way my son phrases things because he is just too funny. But he always talks in the car so I can't write...would a mini recorder be too obsessive?

Thanks for looking at the blog!