Monday, July 7, 2008

The First Post

Everyone seems to start their blog saying Hi! Hey world, this is me! and I guess I will be no different, except to say "me" is a single mom with two boys and that "me" is a evolving concept that has yet to be defined in any way.

I guess I just need a place to vent, laugh and keep the ball rolling. I love my kids, they are funny kids...but they are funny kids that drive me nuts to no end. Finding people to commiserate with me will be great, finding people that really don't mind my somewhat fowl language and really really bad spelling will be even better. (you know that world language up there? when spell check found it, it thought I was spelling sugar cane...yeah spell check was made for ME)

So I hope if someone out in cyberspace finds this they stick around, becuase I think it will get better...hope, maybe....

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