Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A wish for time

I have so much to blog!

I want to write about a wonderful weekend that I had with all of my boys, it included a train robbery, a bike ride in the park, ice cream and a beautiful day at the beach. So much family love and togetherness that my heart nearly exploded.

See the brotherly love? It was during the tension filled (lol) part of the train robbery where they track the robbers down to there lair!

And riding our bikes to and from the park. It was a long ride...I am so proud that they made it.

I want to write all about our upcoming trip to see Walking with Dinosaurs LIVE!
on Wednesday and then leaving to go camping in West Virgina on Thursday morning! What was I thinking? My living room is covered with camping supplies and ready to eat meals. A tent, chairs, a stove, bubbles, shovels and about a million flash lights and lanterns. Boyfriend actually asked me if I was suddenly afraid of the dark or something. It all needs to be put in my car TONIGHT AHHH!

And then, oh dear do I want to talk politics... although I know that I shouldn't...I just HOPE HOPE HOPE that people are out there watching and paying attention. Really reading and just thinking a lot.

AND net neutrality. This video shocked me and I want to get involved..but how? I hope just being aware will help keep the big companies out of my internet for as long as I can help it. Please give it a few minutes of your time and watch. My eyes were certainly opened.

Oh and Dino Boy got pulled from camp. It was just better that way, he was adjusting but he needs less stress in his life. So he and little man will be hanging at there Dad/Grandparents house for most of the rest of the summer...am I sad? Yeah, but this summer was a learning experience and next summer will be better.

Ok, blog world. Hopefully I will have wonderful trip pics to post when I get back. If I get back, do they have bears in West Virgina? LOL

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